sustainable agricultural fermentation

Cura · from the root ku-kau-kav, originating the concepts of observing, look, listen, know.

Sustainability for us means prendersi cura (taking care): of the earth, of all the elements that make up the ecosystems we are part of, of the relationships between people.

We make wine with this in mind, experimenting with resistant and autochthonous grape varieties. Our wines are alive, born of spontaneous fermentation, maceration processes and a touch of creativity. We tell you about them in our winery and at our events, moments of encounter to enjoy them in company and rediscover the beauty of gathering together.

Here is what nature has enabled us to do

Al momento non abbiamo un negozio online, ma potete contattarci per farvi spedire il vostro vino preferito

We are mani matte (mad hands), join us!

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